Cadieux Cafe
No, our waitstaff does not dress like this.
Dinner Menu
Daily Specials
Monday ($19.95) - Mussel Madness - All You Can Eat Mussels not available in December
Cheese Plate ($11.25) - Cubes of Holland and Cheddar cheese served with crackers. Try it with Hot Mustard!
Portabella Mushrooms ($9.25) - Sautéed and topped with spinach and melted Holland cheese
Hommous with Warm Pita Bread ($10.25)
Herring Fillets ($10.25) - A European favorite, Pickled Herring in a cream sauce served with crackers
Smoked Salmon Plate ($11.95) - Smoked Salmon sliced thin served with capers, chopped onions and crackers
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($9.25)
Hot Wings ($9.25) - The Cadieux Cafe's original recipe, Wing Dings in a spicy barbecue sauce served with Bleu Cheese dressing
Basket O' Rings ($6.95) - Onion rings
Pomfrites ($4.50)
Mussels Escargot ($11.25) - No, not mussels and snails but, indeed, mussels on the Half Shell topped with garlic butter and onions
Mussels Rockefeller ($12.25) - As rich as its namesake, this Cadieux Cafe original consists of mussels on the Half Shell smothered with spinach, bacon, and Holland cheese
Mussels Creole ($10.25) - Mussels on the Half Shell swimming in a spicy, Cajun style Creole sauce

All mussel dinners are served with your choice of any two sides - Soup, Salad, Cole Slaw, Fries, Steak Fries, Baked Potato, Vegetable, or Spinach Potatoes (mashed potatoes mixed with spinach)
Steamed Mussels ($19.95) - The Original, Belgian Style Mussel Dinner, steamed in white wine and vegetables
Mussels Citroen ($19.95) - The Cadieux's newest Specialty feature, mussels steamed in a garlic lemon butter and dill broth
Robert's Spicy Mussels ($19.95) - Just as the name suggests, these mussels are steamed in Italian style marinara sauce
Mussels Forte Dei Marmi ($19.95) - Welcome to Garlic Heaven! A popular favorite; mussels in garlic, white wine, and olive oil
Belgian Specialties

Roast Beef Dinner ($14.95) - Yvonne's famus roast beef, served with vegetable, mashed potatoes and gravy and your choice of soup, salad, or cole slaw.
Belgian Dip ($11.95) - Belgian roast beef sandwich served with au jus, and pomfrites.
Belgian Beer Stew ($11.95) - A hearty stew made with Westmalle Dubel.
Spinach Mashed Potatoes ($2.95) - Our Original side dish, mashed potatoes mixed with spinach and special seasonings.
Belgian Rabbit ($15.95) - Farm raised rabbit braised in red wine, onions and bay leaf served with mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage with apples, bacon, and brown sugar. *When available.
Blackened Chicken with Belgian Beer Cheese Sauce – ($15.95) Two Cajun blackened chicken breasts topped with a Hoegaarden beer and Holland cheese sauce served with choice of soup and potato or vegetable
Belgian Sausage ($9.95) - Served with spinach potatoes.
Unless otherwise noted, Entrees served with soup, salad or cole slaw and your choice of potato: Fries, Steak Fries, Baked or Spinach Mashed.
Fish and Chips ($12.95) - Another great Cadieux tradition, Icelandic Cod Fillets dipped in Beer Batter and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with cole slaw.
Perch ($15.25) - Lightly Beer Battered and deep fried Perch fillets.
Tilapia ($15.95) - Our newest seafood entree, whitefish fillets served broiled or cajun style.
All Sandwiches served with Pomfrites. Add $0.50 each for Cheese or Bacon.
Beef Burger ($8.95) - 1/3 lb. ground beef
Holland Patty Melt ($9.25) - Beef burger with sautéed onions and melted Holland cheese on grilled rye bread
Chicken Breast Sandwich ($9.25) - Our new improved, bigger chicken sandwich is marinated then broiled
Fish Sandwich ($8.95) - Beer Battered Icelandic Cod on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and Tartar Sauce
Portabella Mushroom Sandwich ($10.25) - Sautéed with onions and tomato and served on a bun
Peter Paul Reuben ($9.25) - Corned Beef, sauerkraut and melted Holland cheese piled on grilled rye bread
Turkey Reuben ($9.25) - See above but replace Corned Beef with Smoked Turkey
Tuna Melt ($8.25) - Tuna with melted Holland cheese, lettuce and tomato on grilled rye
Tuna Sandwich ($6.25) - Tuna salad without all that melt
Croque Monsieur ($8.95) - Stacked Ham with melted Holland cheese on grilled rye
Croque Madame ($8.95) - Smoked Turkey with melted Holland cheese on grilled rye
Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich ($5.95) - Holland, American, and Cheddar cheeses
Try your salad with Yvonne's House Dressing!
Belgian Crevette Salad-$11.95 - Crisp Romaine lettuce, endive, peas, and baby shrimp tossed with Yvonne’s dressing
Cajun Chicken Salad ($10.95)
Cadieux House Salad ($5.25)
Soups and What-Not
Mussel Soup: cup ($3.25), bowl ($4.00) - Another traditional favorite, the Cadieux's own Manhattan-style broth, loaded with mussels and vegetables
Soup of the Jour: cup ($3.00), bowl ($3.50)
Belgian Onion Soup ($6.95) - with Croutons and topped with Holland cheese
Texas Style Billy Chili - cup ($4.95), bowl ($5.95) - Add $0.75 for cheese and onions
Chocolate Sundae ($4.95)

Ask your server about today's dessert special!

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Sun: 2 pm - 10 pm The bar closes at 10pm.
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the bar is open until
2 am every night

late-night menu
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Mussel Madness
All you can eat $19.95


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